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BEKTRANS manufactures reliable specialized equipment and supplies foreign automotive machinery with subsequent warranty and service support.

Our network of specialized stores offers a wide range of auto parts, high-quality oils, and reliable tires, ensuring your vehicle is fully prepared for flawless operation. We aim to provide a complete range of services for the uninterrupted operation of our clients' equipment.

BEKTRANS - Your path to a reliable fleet.
  • 22 YEARS OLD
    Extensive experience working with retail, wholesale and corporate clients.
    Sale of auto parts, special equipment and car service
serial vehicles
Our company is a leading supplier of automotive equipment, specializing in providing customers with renowned brands in the field of vehicles from China and Russia.

We have significant experience in the sale of automotive equipment, allowing us to provide customers with professional advice and reliable solutions when choosing vehicles.

Our company is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers by offering products that meet high-quality standards.
Our company is a leading manufacturer of specialized equipment. We take pride in our expertise in the design and production of specialized machinery, ensuring reliability and high levels of performance.

Our goal is to create vehicles that meet the most modern technological standards and fulfill the needs of our customers. We continuously improve our solutions and products to provide optimal results for various industries.

domestic commodity producer
In November 2023, our company was included in the register of domestic producers
  • 3,000 sq. meters warehouse
    A network of specialized stores located in the cities of Aktau, Zhanaozen, and Atyrau, with over 3,000 square meters of warehouse space.
  • OVER 7,000 ITEMS
    With over 7,000 spare part items, we can provide customers with a wide range of options.
For over 20 years, our company has been a leading supplier of auto parts, oils, and tires from renowned brands for Shacman, Kamaz, Maz, YAMZ, YAZDA, Ural, and GAZ vehicles.

With a network of specialized stores in Aktau, Zhanaozen, and Atyrau, featuring over 3,000 sq. meters of warehouse space and offering more than 7,000 spare part items, we provide customers with a broad range, professional advice, and reliable solutions for their vehicles.
Auto Parts Sales
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Auto parts store:
Aktau, microdistrict 29A/78
+7 777 030 50 30
+7 776 030 45 12

Atyrau, Atyrau-Dossor highway, 81a
+7 777 030 55 74

Zhanaozen, Aktau-Zhanaozen highway, 2/5
+7 777 030 75 60

HR Manager:
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